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A Free Hotel Homepage Elementor Template

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Free Elementor Template for a Hotel’s Website

This Free Elementor Template is designed for a Hotel’s Homepage

This visually awesome homepage for a hotel or other small business offering a similar service in the hospitality industry has the following elements and blocks.

Great Blocks to this Free Elementor Template Page Layout. The page has:

  • Stunning Header Block for large image with Call to Action Button
  • Copy block with fun image display, button to About page
  • Image gallery block for hotel facilities
  • Image block for What to Do and Packages with Call to Action
  • Block for copy
  • Block to showcase in house offerings
  • Promotional video block

How to use it: Watch our video for guidance on how to use this product.

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Customising The Hotel Homepage Elementor Template

You will note that this homepage has been designed for images and video. Holidays are sold with beautiful images. Visitors interested in booking a stay at the establishment want to be able to imagine oneself having a great time.

To make this page suitable to your own clients make sure you have great images to use. For businesses that depend on great images to sell their services a professional photographer is a must.
Once you have your large selection of images of the business you are promoting you can start customising the page to your clients’ business. Of course it could also be your own if you are setting up a business for a B & B or other facility.

Besides the images it’s easy to make this page layout more specific to your own website or the site of a client. For all Elementor Templates made by Elementor Den just replace the copy, use a different typeface, upload your images or video loops and select the colours that tie in with the logo. This free premade template page will help you to make your web design work more easily and definitely more quickly.

You might consider that this great Elementor Template could only ever be appropriate for a Hotel’s site. That is not necessarily the case. This particular layout could also work for a business that depends on a great display of images such as interior design or art gallery. Change colours, images, copy etc and in a few hours you will see that the layout could be used for a number of businesses. It’s not only useful for a Hotel business but any other kind of service business, especially ones offering accommodation.

It’s easy to allow the content of a page to dictate how you are going to use it. That’s not necessarily the best way to approach any free Elementor template. Try this quick exercise. Delete delete all content such as images and copy from the template so that you are left with the wireframe. Then change the colour into something totally different. As your next step drop in your website content for your own site or that of a client’s and you will see how easily the page changes.

For instance replace the blue colour in the outline and button detail with your own choice of colour and change the blue background to something lighter. Replace images with other hospitality related images to create a layout serving that business. Immediately the focus will change. Try this as well for a budget style accommodation business or a site for a backpackers. It will all work.

All of Elementor Den’s free Elementor Templates are responsive.

A Library of Free Elementor Templates

Elementor Templates can be reused. Once you have adapted this free template to your required business you can save it and store it for future use. This is an easy way to create your own library of free Elementor Templates. Download your free Elementor Den selections and pick up new ones as they are published. Make sure you check our weekly emails to be the first to be able to grab new Freebies as well as to get special discount coupons for premium products as they become available. These special discounts are only available if you are a free member.

What is an Elementor Template

The Elementor Template is a page layout made using the Elementor Page Builder which is a drag and drop plugin. A page layout, or template, is the positioning of elements on a page. The elements on a page depend on what message needs to be shown on the page. Blocks can consist of headers and footers, person modules with images, showreels and other videos, copy, images and graphics and icons to mention just a few of the many possibilities.

Elementor WordPress templates which are used by Elementor Page Builder users are specific template files that can be applied to a specific page or groups of pages. Page templates are used to change the look and feel of a page. A page template can also be applied to a section or a class of pages. For more info.

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